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Hard News Network was created by Hard Bastard and Winston Smith to counter the establishment media’s 24/7 propaganda machine. We are social justice and free speech advocates calling out the morally and intellectually bankrupt social justice movement. We are part of a growing movement to expose the lies and corruption of the main stream media.

At our core, we stand for free speech even for those whom we disagree with. Nobody should be silenced; may our ideas propagate or die at the will of the people. Nearly all major sociopolitical topics discussed on the major social networking platforms today are censored, filtered through the tentacles of the largest corporations on Earth for them to deem what’s appropriate or not. We are sick of this filter and have therefore created a news organization that seeks to circumvent this. Unfiltered, uncensored content; a true marketplace of ideas. We will always keep it real with our audience and will give our due diligence to provide commentary as balanced and reasonable as possible. Many people claim that, but we will implement your feedback into our processes and remain focused on your input. If you like what we do and want to help us on our mission to do this full-time, there are multiple ways to support. As always, thank you for your insistence on an independent media!


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