Fani-Kayode quoted a report claiming that 75 percent of those sold into the Libyan slave trade were southern Nigerians who had their organs harvested and their bodies burned or mutilated. Earlier in the week, Fani-Kayode criticized Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari for remaining silent on the trade of his people. Buhari then said he was working to bring back stranded Nigerians in Libya and to discourage more Nigerians from fleeing the country.

“We will ensure they all return home safely and are rehabilitated,” he said. But Fani-Kayode had a more drastic proposition for the country. He tweeted that Nigeria should go to war with Libya. “If there were ever a reason or cause for us to go to war, the Libyans have provided it by enslaving our people and buying and selling them like Christmas turkeys and sallah goats,” he tweeted. “No human being deserves to be caged like an animal and roasted like suya meat. ”

So far, 242 Nigerians have been returned from Libya. A majority had been living in detention camps, while others asked to be brought back home, according to CNN.

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