Young Turks: Jordan Chariton Has Become Rachel Maddow from Hard Bastard on Vimeo.


  1. Hard Bastard, you make me laugh more than Jimmy Dore, Thank you. Rachel Chariton lacks political acumen or any semblance of charisma but people were nice to him because he works in a nearly empty pond. Now, he actually believes the excessive praise. Your takedown is much appreciated.

  2. I’d say there is a 1000% chance that Cenk is the one demanding he come out and make videos like this. Why would he do it otherwise? It makes him look like a fraud and a hypocrite. And it makes him look no better than Cenk and Ana are. If he had a moral compass he would do what Dave Rubin did, leave.

    • Sabella, this is exactly my read. In fact it seems this whole “Russia financial ties” is the narrative Cenk is having his people spew. Interesting thing is Michael Tracey so far has refused to do it, and Cenk just tried to publicly diss him. I think that was a warning shot. Video soon.

  3. I’m beginning to think Cenk was starting to squirm and sent Jordan to do his dirty work. That latest WikiLeak and the way the DNC lawsuit is playing out could see Cenk getting some bad press in federal court. …And not to mention derailing his democratiic party ‘hostile takover’ by his ‘justice democrats’.

  4. And the EMPEROR GOD, HARD BASTARD IS BACK! Thank you bastard for this great site.. why doesn’t everyone from you tube that have similar content join you?! This could be better than you tube? Possible? I don’t know enough about how platforms work but seems to me you’ve got the problem of censorship solved?! Love you bastard!! Thank you for hard work.. I laugh till I cry in a very good way!!!!❤️🇺🇸

  5. You are on fire! I can feel it too; screw the liars! You should check out Bobby Knight from Watters World on Fox. He has the same take and speaks his mind. Please youtube the clip, very nice! Thanks for what you do! You have a strong following and it’s only going to grow. Kudos to you HB!!

  6. Nuclear waste is not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Thats why the EPA may not have a report available as the NRC would have it. Ignorance or Manipulation?

  7. I’m sorry, I never found this Jordan guy credible. I went to tyt politics on your recommendation and aside from Micheal Tracy, who is as credible as you claimed, the group is full of the same BS as the rest of MSM. Making arguments based on feels and partisan beliefs as a posed to presenting facts and then interviewing victims. This Jordan guy does the same thing, he makes wild claims and conjectures without proving what he is saying… Good luck with the new I site, I look forward to more credible, uncensored comantary

  8. I like your style of critique of the media voices and I applaud that you made your own site once faced with the censorship that Google/YouTube is dishing out. I would like to see you spend more time being critical of some of the things Trump is doing (he has done some disturbing things), also i would really like to hear your thoughts on Michael Tracey’s video that came out about the same time as this one by Jordan where he also states that it’s fishy that Trump fired Comey when he did and that the reasons given raise questions

  9. Who wants polished turds like the tyt, when we have an uncut diamond.
    Keep up the great work.

  10. All of The Old Turk’s butt buddies are playing head games with their viewers. They’re giving half the story, leaving out important details,and guessing on what they don’t know ….Slowly but thankfully, their viewer are catching on!

  11. Thanks Bastard,I appreciate you calling these hypocrites out.Instead of me getting pissed off by their condescending and pretentious attitude ,your vids make me laugh at their nonsense.

  12. a hard bastard you rock .b please set up a reddit link so this can get shared there tooo ty

    lastly …cenk is gonna ruin everyone associated with him controlled opposition always obviouses itself

    ty for honest opinion and ty for an uncensored forum ;0 best of luck with the streaming and youtube sucks!

  13. Yes, HB. You’re right. Cenk is getting to everybody on the YoungTURDS network. Starting to see this on Jimmy Dore’s show. Jimmy sounded like Ben Mankiewicz’s “I dunno”/”Who can know?”/”How can we know?” in his video w/Michael Tracey about Comey’s firing & the Trump/Russia connection. Now, Jimmy’s Cenk’s rodeo clown, distracting from the DNC WikiLeaks e-mail (calling them Podesta e-mail) & Seth Rich, spending most of the video on focusing on the murder instead. Jimmy failed to talk about how evidence of Seth Rich’s connection to WikiLeaks dispels DNC’s Russian hacking propaganda.

  14. Mother Superior Maddow of the pariah of St. Jordan of Blessed Name.

    (Spot the fun “typo”).

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