Exclusive Uncensored: Comey Fallout, Young Turks Are A DNC Propaganda Arm


Comey Fallout: Young Turks Are The DNC Propaganda Arm from Hard Bastard on Vimeo.


  1. Due to a Power Imbalance because your Boss, creates what you believe is a Suggestion Either it is or isn’t to your boss doesn’t matter. You can also Interpret it as I hope you can Clear this issue up so we can Move on. Thar be infinite ways to see it because were All individuals and see things differently.

  2. Apparently with Ana, the words “Armenian Genocide Denier” are NOT up for interpretation.

  3. People of integrity don’t have a long lifespan on TYT. I have a feeling Cenk and his AJ overlords go on a lot of verbal beatdown rants whenever their agenda is challenged on-air.

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