Exclusive Uncensored: Cenk Uygur Disses Michael Tracey For Reporting The Truth About Russia/Trump


Exclusive Uncensored: Cenk Uygur Disses Michael Tracey For Reporting The Truth About Russia/Trump from Hard Bastard on Vimeo.


  1. Been following Michael Tracy since the DNC convention shit show, I will be completely disillusioned if he sells out too. Keep it up Hard Bastard call the motherfuckers out every chance you get.

  2. TYT in full display. Note how other panelist just sit there like sheep listening to Cenk. It is Cenk’s echo chamber.

  3. I remember I use to watch Alex jones and Cenk to view both sides. but Cenk is just unsaveable. Every time I see a video of Cenk You can see every time he speaks he pauses stares,at the camera lenses, then lie and he knows it

  4. I hope site does well I will keep watching on youtube and here. I was subbed till TYT till I realized what they were really about thanks to the videos like yours. Also how does the TYT and left think they are going to impeach trump? Only way is if there is a true smoking gun to russia conspiracy thing and turning Republicans against him. Other wise they won’t have the votes maybe till 2019 and that is if they win back house/congress. Right now what they are doing won’t succeed in that. They haven’t learned how out of touch they are with america. 2/3 still think dems are out of touch with america.

  5. Wow, Cenk is ranting in the exact same fashion as his caricature on Steven Crowders show…

  6. Hi HB, Loving the new site. I am quite right of centre these days & on many issues Jimmy Dore is credible. Check out his youtube channel the Jimmy Dore show. I agree with your assessment of him on TYT as a guest contributor, but on his own channel he is very outspoken on many MSM & TYT talking points.

    Best of luck with this new venture & remember, *YOU RULE.!*

  7. HB…ummmm, it IS a matter of public record that the POTUS has several of billions of dollars of business dealings with Russian business people…particularly garnered in the past 15 plus years. You are trying too hard to give donnie a greased track.
    That guy, a blue blood elitist, if ever there was one, is a true shuck n jive confidence man…he sold HIS NAME as if it was golden in success and represented true business prowess…a half dozen bankruptcy proceedings speaks otherwise…then there is daddy’s gift of Roy Cohn as mentor in chief…
    You have a decent sniffer HB, Cenk deserves the chastening, but defending the present POTUS does taint the air you sniff.

    • I have seen absolutely zero evidence of these multiple ties to Russian Billionaires, with the exception being those POTUS has made public. He held a pageant in Moscow and sold a house to a Russian who held no political office or influence many years ago. This was not illegal nor unethical as it was a residence the POTUS owned, there has been no evidence of collusion presented, despite over a year of every intel agency in the USA and it’s allies investigating. Not to mention every media company both on networks and in print along with the Democratic and Republican Parties hiring some of the best research and political opposition firms in the world and the most that has come out of it was the widely debunked piss dossier. That same debunked dossier was the much hyped reason for the Senate probe and the FBI investigations, the FBI has previously dismissed POTUS as colluding with Russia as well as Obama’s NSA director Clapper also claiming no evidence of Trump or his campaign having colluded. I myself would also call for POTUS to face impeachment if there where evidence of his collusion, I see none and find it hard to believe such evidence exists logic would dictate that it would have leaked long before now if it was actually there. If you have evidence I don’t know of please share I would be happy to see, if not and you’re just relying on the MSM coverage then I ask that perhaps you take a look into things again with fresh eyes. Take care..

    • I don’t support Trump, but I want to know what you mean. Are you saying that anybody who has business ties to Russians is doing something wrong? That would be xenophobic. Or are you stating that you have explicit proof of corrupt dealings between Trump and Russian business people? If it’s the latter, could you please cite or reference sources so that I might look into them? Thanks.

      • Mike and TRDem…do a search for ‘trump loans from Russian organizations’ or some variation and you will find well over a billion in past transactions between donnie fronts and Russian fronts…DO NOT USE GOOGLE…StartPage, DuckDuckGo, Ixquick, Qwant as they don’t track or collect data AND, hopefully, are not near as in bed with the alphabets as Alphabet is.

  8. I love it HB, keep it up!

    Its amazing to see what has happened to american corporate media and the political system and the moral crisis that faces your country. Power to the people and back to the people!

    Your neighbor to the north

  9. Cenk did humilliate himself, not that you’d know that from the like to dislike ratio. Jesus so many brainwashed husks. Good job these people don’t vote

  10. What makes this an entirely different level of scumbaggery and cowardice on the part of Cenk is that he did this without Michael Tracy being present to defend himself. Like you said, Cenk can’t debate. If Tracy were their to defend himself on the spot, Cenk would’ve come off as even more of a massive tool than he’s already presented himself to be. As a secondary note, congrats on the website. I wish you much success in this endeavor.

  11. Same thing Cenk covering Pizzagate. He just copy/pasted the false narrative from the MSM, making all Pizzagate supporters look like complete idiots. Now I do not expect everybody in the alt. media to support Pizzagate, but if TYT claim to be unbiased, independent and not pro-Clinton they at least should tell the true story about this subject, instead of spreading the exact same lies as the MSM does. This, in my eyes, is one of the growing number of proves that TYT are bought and payed for by the same who own the Main Stream Media.

  12. Mr. Bastard. I’m so happy to be able to comment in your videos. I found you a few months ago on Youtube but I refused to join a website that suppresses speech. I am a Christian, a conservative and a Trump supporter and I very much appreciate your intellectual honesty and your commitment to truth. I left the legacy media and establishment politics ages before Mr. Trump entered the race so finding reliable sources for news has been a challenge. Thank you for all you are doing. I will definitely support you as I am able. Keep it up.

  13. My own take — Cenk made a deal with the DNC and/or Clinton Camp and he’s been operating as controlled opposition for quite some time now. Whoever his dark mentors are, are not REALLY up to speed on the true progressive movement and basically out of touch enough not to know that CENK and TYT have been looked at suspiciously since the election. But they’re losing patience now and they’ve given Cenk his orders — BRING IN THE PROGRESSIVE FLOCK — unite them around the Russia CRAP and whatever other CRAP corporate dems want to spoonfeed American people. And Cenk pretty much has to oblige b/c his number’s come up. So he’s leaning on Turks to bring the flock together — obviously Jordan and I think he’s been leaning on Jimmy too — just not so noticeably yet.

  14. I wonder what would happen to TYT if cenk and his cronies were expunged from the ‘organization’

  15. I knew Jimmy Dore was a sell-out when he refused to even whisper the word AIPAC as one of the factors in our Middle East policy. Look at his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9hPwbc8JZo&t=688s . At 3:50, Eva Bartlett mentions Israel. Jimmy’s tell is he closes his eyes, looks down, looks away for the next minute and ten seconds – then he stutters as he tries to find a way to deflect the conversation. He’s a Zionist gatekeeper, which exposes all the rest of his positions.

  16. I am so sad that Jimmy Dore caved in to TYT. I used to love him, but recently I was disppaointed. He is too soft on Bernie too.

  17. dude. he’s referring to his support of Saunders in the primary. he was a reluctant supporter of hilary in the general cos he wanted saunders to stand in the general

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