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Trump to Release Classified Gov Docs on JFK Assassination

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday that, subject to receipt of further information, he planned to allow the opening of...

Pelosi Cites Being A Woman As Reason Not to Give Up House Leadership Role

Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi says she was ready to vacate her House leadership position if Hillary Clinton had become president, but sees that loss...
Gavel, Court, Judge, Law

Fusion GPS Files Injunction to Quash Subpoena of Financial Records

Fusion GPS — the firm behind the Trump dossier — filed for an injunction in a D.C. court on Friday to quash a subpoena for its...

Joe Biden Condemns Campus Leftists: Shutting Down Speakers Is ‘Simply Wrong’

Joe Biden appeals to conservatives, in what looks like the nascent stages of a presidential campaign effort to steal voters from Trump.
George Bush

George Bush Attacks Trump in Speech

In an extraordinary — albeit veiled — attack, former President George W. Bush delivered a scathing assessment Thursday of President Trump and his policies,...